Little Forest Childcare Policies

Safeguarding children

Safeguarding the children in our care is of paramount importance to us. More detailed information can be found in our Safeguarding Children policies, procedures and guidelines. However, we would like to draw your attention to our responsibilities within this:

All children have the right to grow up in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. They should feel comfortable that their individual needs will be met and not live-in fear of harm or neglect.

In the event that we have concerns regarding your child, we will act upon them. Any staff member who has a concern will raise it with their Safeguarding Officer. Wherever possible, the concern will then be discussed with you. From this discussion, a decision will be made as to whether further action should be taken.
Where it is decided that further action is necessary, it may be necessary to seek advice or make a referral to the Integrated Front Door (previously MASH), the RSPCC or, if appropriate, the police. Confidentiality will be maintained as far as possible. However, the degree of confidentiality will be governed by the need to protect your child.

All staff at Little Forest are aware of their responsibilities regarding safeguarding children and receive regular training in Safeguarding Children policies and procedures.

To ensure that our staff are suitable to care for your child, they all undergo enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks prior to being allowed unsupervised access to the children. As part of our Safer Recruitment Policy, two satisfactory written references must be obtained and regular supervisions are carried out with all staff/volunteers. We comply with local and national Child Protection procedures and ensure that all staff are appropriately trained.

Sleeping baby

We will discuss with you in detail the sleep routines you have established for your baby and how we can best accommodate them into our own routine and working day. These discussions will need to be ongoing as the sleep needs of your baby will change as she/he grows and develops.

It is vital that we work in partnership with you to provide a sleep routine for your child that fits your requirements whilst meeting the welfare requirements and the needs of the child.

We will need to know how many naps your child normally has, for how long and at what times during the day.

What routine do you have to settle your child?

Do they have a dummy or comforter?

Where does your baby prefer to sleep?

We will regularly check your baby when she/he is sleeping, a staff member sits nearby at all times.

If you ever have any concerns over your child’s sleeping routine please do discuss them with us.

Illness & sickness

We cannot provide care for children who are unwell, have a temperature, sickness and diarrhoea, or who have an infectious disease.

If a child or staff member has suffered from any diarrhoea and/or vomiting, they must not attend the setting until they have been symptom free for 48 hours.

If any children are ill when they first arrive at the setting we will immediately notify their parents or carers to come and collect them. Any children who have been ill should not return to the setting until they have fully recovered, or until after the minimum exclusion period has expired.

Experience has taught us that children who come to the setting earlier than 48 hours spread their infection to other children, staff members and their families.

First aid

All staff are first aid trained, if your child becomes unwell whilst at Little Forest, we will contact you and ask for you to arrange collection as soon as possible.

In an emergency, the designated person in charge reserves the right to arrange for your child to be taken to hospital immediately.

Dropping off & collection

Please be mindful of our neighbours and drive slowly down Kiln Lane & Little Lane.

We open at 7.30am please let us know in advance if you intend to arrive after 8.30am so that we can open the gate.

Please park on the drive mindfully, there is a holding bay to the left, if you get blocked in it should only be for a few moments.

We will only release your child from our care to adults who have permission to do so. In the event of an emergency, we can operate a password system. Please discuss this if you would like to use this system.

It is important that you arrive on time to collect your child. Even very young children learn our routine and know when their parents are due. We understand delays are unavoidable, especially if you are relying on public transport. If you are delayed, for whatever reason, please contact us and let us know when you expect to arrive.

We reserve the right to make an additional charge for late collection.

If we have not heard from you and you are very late we will try and contact you or your emergency contacts.

If we are unable to contact anyone we will inform Central Bedfordshire Council and follow their advice.

Inclusive practice

Little Forest is committed to providing an appropriate and high-quality provision to all our children. We believe that all children, including those identified as having special needs and disabilities, have a common entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum, which is accessible to them, and to be fully included in all aspects of provision life.

Little Forest aims to foster the personal development of each child by helping them to be responsible, by building their self-esteem, being sensitive to their needs and promoting values of fairness and forgiveness.

Little Forest is committed to inclusion. We strive to maintain a loving and caring provision community where everyone feels welcome, secure and valued. Supported by close co-operation with the home, parish and wider community.

This does not mean that we will treat all children in the same way, but that we will respond to children in ways which take account of their varied life experiences and needs.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Little Forest will make every effort to accommodate and welcome any child with special needs. We will work with parents/carers and relevant professionals to meet the child’s specific needs.


Please let us know if your child is taking prescribed medicine and if medication needs to be administered during our time. Our staff are able to give emergency Calpol, after discussion with the parent, the child must be then collected immediately.

Sun cream

Sun cream during the summer months is vital. We ask parents to apply this at home, preferably one with an 8 hour duration, with your permission the staff will re-apply at lunch time. Your permission will be asked upon registration. A full copy of this policy is available within the setting.


We will celebrate your child’s birthday, please discuss with us any arrangements you would like to make.


We talk about our rules at each ‘together time’ and use them throughout the sessions to remind the children of our behavioural expectations.

The setting also operates a Behaviour Policy, summarised here.
(A full copy of this policy is available within the setting and on our website): Children are expected to respect each other, staff and visitors. Staff will encourage an atmosphere of care and consideration between all members of the setting including children, staff and visitors.

Little Forest aims to encourage appropriate behaviour through: praise for good behaviour; emphasis on co-operative play and sharing; talking to children with the courtesy that we expect from them and engaging children in activities.

Little Forest will not tolerate from any member: bullying; aggressive, confrontational or threatening behaviour; or behaviour intended to result in conflict.

The setting has procedures for dealing with unacceptable behaviour. In the case of violence or behaviour that poses an immediate danger, a child is required to be collected immediately; as an ultimate sanction, the child may be excluded from the setting. Little Forest recognises that poor behaviour can occur from time to time for reasons that are not always evident, or as a result of special needs and we will strive to be flexible in order to accommodate such cases.

Policies & procedures

Little Forest has a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to ensure your child is happy and safe, some of our policies are on our website and we have a large file of policies at the setting in the parent’s area, feel free to read these at your leisure, we are always looking for ways to improve and reflect upon our practice, feel free to add any comments into our confidential suggestion box.

What to bring to Little Forest

Named ruck sack to hang on peg

Named water bottle



Formula & bottle


In winter

Named warm raincoat & trousers (we often have recycled ones so please ask before buying!)


Named neoprene or fleece lined wellies or waterproof walking boots

Plenty of socks

A spare set of named clothes in ruck sack

In summer

Named summer raincoat & trousers (we often have recycled ones so please ask before buying!)

Named sun cream

Named sun hat

Cool and loose long trousers and long sleeve top (in case of stinging nettles, scratches or stings)

Named wellies (please ask if we have your size in recycled first)

Intimate care and toilet training

Little Forest staff who provide intimate care will do so in a professional manner. Staff are aware of safeguarding issues and will have relevant training (e.g. health and safety, child protection, manual handling) and a DBS check before providing intimate care.

Staff are aware of any signs or symptoms of abuse.

Intimate care will be given in privacy however best practice is to keep an open door.

Gloves will be worn, children are encouraged to be independent. All areas used are cleaned with antibacterial cleaner. Any wet/soiled clothing is put in a bag and sent home.

Toilet training will be discussed with parents and is usually started in the comfort of their own home, the staff at Little Forest will work with you and regularly prompt your child to use the toilet. Please ensure you bring two sets of spare clothes when potty training and spare socks. Clothing needs to be easy to pull up and pull down.

We have lots of books about potty training so feel free to borrow.

Praise and be positive with your child, disappointment can affect their mental well-being.
Use of photographs in our setting

Little Forest is committed to the safeguarding and protection of children in our care. We operate a camera and recording device policy which stipulates that no recording device should be used in our setting except for the setting mobile phone, camera or iPad / tablet. Staff mobile phones will be stored in a safe and secure place whilst the setting is running. Visitors and parents staying for long periods of time will be asked to leave their mobile phones in a secure place whilst in contact with the children. Photographs will be taken in our settings, with parental permission, using the setting mobile phone or camera. With your permission photos will be used for displays, scrap books, Facebook, the website or Instagram. Only photographs with parental permission will be used in such a way. Photographs will not be sent to any other device.

Complaints Procedure

We want you to be entirely happy with the care we provide at Little Forest, at any time should you feel dissatisfied please talk to the Manager Tracy Hutton, alternatively should you wish to contact Ofsted there contact number is 0300 123 1231

Applications, Regulatory and Contact (ARC) Team
Piccadilly Gate Store Street
M1 2WD

All written complaints will be acknowledged within five working days of receiving the complaint and a full written response will be within a month of receipt. A full copy of our complaints procedure and policy is available on request.