Welcome to Little Forest Childcare & Forest School

Little Forest is a family friendly home from home environment where children learn and thrive. Nestled within 9 acres of countryside, Little Forest is a hive of activity with badgers, deer, pheasants, horses, pigs, rabbits and a little forest that children visit every day irrespective of the weather. Our children will learn to enjoy the rain, snow, wind and sunshine. We do not hide away from the British weather, we learn to embrace it.

Children’s curiosity, creativity and imagination is encouraged, using the Forest as a classroom for learning, taking opportunities to slow down and be present in the moment, creating a connection to nature whilst stimulating emotional well being.

Little Forest encourages a calm, relaxed atmosphere for children. There is an emphasis on the social aspect of mealtime and the importance of a healthy diet is recognised. Free-play and structured-play are part of daily activities along with music, dancing and outdoor Forest school activities.

Little Forest Childcare Clophill,- forest classroom

Sustainable setting

With one in six of the world’s species facing extinction, and more greenhouse gases in our atmosphere than ever before, teaching our little ones how to look after our planet is a big deal.

Children are naturally drawn to nature, at Little Forest they learn to love the countryside and start to develop an ecological sense of self.

Only recycled plastic will be used at Little Forest and children will use mostly wooden toys and resources, unusual pre-loved items found in charity shops, real china items and lots of natural materials. Loose parts will be used to promote curiosity and interest.

Some of the sustainable practices we consider are;

  • Minimising the use of single use plastics
  • Where possible using locally sourced food and ingredients
  • Making use of food surplus organisations
  • Ensuring there is a wide range of recycling and compost facilities for waste
  • Growing fruit and vegetables and showing children how they can be used and cooked
Little Forest Childcare Clophill, sustainable woodland setting
Little Forest Childcare & Forest School, Clophill, Central Bedfordshire location

Child care in Central Bedfordshire

Situated in the beautiful rural village of Clophill just off the A6, easily located for parents working in Bedford, Luton, London and Milton Keynes.

Little Forest provides the perfect setting and puts parents minds at ease knowing their little ones are well cared for.

Open 48 weeks per year, from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday.

Closing for bank holidays, 1 week at Christmas and Easter and 2 weeks in the summer.

From birth to 5 years.